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Blephex for Blepharitis

What is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is a common chronic disease that causes inflammation in the eyelids. The condition is due to an overgrowth of normal blephexDevicebacteria that lives along the eyelid and at the base of the eyelashes. Blepharitis is not restricted to people of a certain age, but the occurrence of the condition tends to increase as one ages. This is due to the fact that as people grow older, the eyes produce less antibodies within tears.

Bacterial overgrowth creates a bio-film which traps debris and scurf along the lashes and hosts exo-toxins of a bacterial nature along the margin of the eyelid. Low grade inflammation is caused by these exo-toxins with eyelid tissue penetration and negatively affects the tear glands, thereby reducing the production of tears. A downward spiral is created as less and less tears are created with less antibodies. This promotes even more bacteria to accumulate and leads to a chronic irritation as well as Dry Eye.

This results in the inflammation which is induced by exo-toxins and can cause serious damage to the tear glands and the eyelids. The reason for this inflammation is because the eyelids are hard to clean and the overgrowth of scurf, bio-film and bacteria can accumulate over the years.

The BlephEx Solution

Utilizing the BlephEx® technology your eye doctor can clean and exfoliate the lashes and lids safely with precision utilizing a patented and disposable micro-sponge. This has been proven to almost immediately relieve the symptoms associated with Blepharitis. The BlephEx® procedure lasts approximately 8 minutes and is highly tolerable. Patients commonly note a sensation much like a tickle. To ensure maximum comfort, the eye doctor usually places a numbing drop in each eye.

The most important result of the BlephEx® procedure is that by removing the layer of bio-film laden with exo-toxins along the margin of the lid, an eye doctor can help prevent this inflammatory damage to the gland tears while also minimizing the chances of developing dry eye syndrome.

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Who would benefit from a Blephex Treatment? How often does one need a Blephex Treatment?

Older patients who find around their eyes uncomfortable, itchy, or red, as well as dry eye patients who display puffy eyes or struggle with dry, itchy eyes can benefit from the Blephex treatment.

Puffy eyes or swelling of the eye is commonly caused from prolonged crying or tearing. However, when puffy eyes develop from inflammation, this can be due to unhealthy eyelids affecting the skin around the eye. Itchy eyes as well can result from inflammation or eye allergies that irritate the skin around the eye. Blephex treats the eyelids directly, which will improve the quality of tear production. As your tears begin to flow properly, irritation, puffy eyes, and itchiness will start to reduce as well.

We often recommend patients to schedule a Blephex treatment every 6 months to ensure the eyelids continue to remain clean of bacteria. For many of our dry eye patients, this simple, quick procedure has improved their facial appearance and comfort levels almost immediately.

Looking for treatment for your dry eyes? Our Dry Eye clinic can help diagnose and target the cause of nearly any case of dry eyes.

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