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Focusing on Smartphones

Lately, it seems challenging to find someone who doesn't own a mobile device. These devices guarantee our access to our email, text messages and the Internet wherever we find ourselves. However most people hold their handheld devices very close to their faces. This creates a whole lot of demands on your vision that force your eyes to work in a way that's different to its normal activity.

Because we all hold smart phones so close, our eyes end up working overtime, just to look at text and images. This might cause problems, especially for people who already have glasses or contact lenses. Some research shows evidence that when glasses-wearing individuals spend a lot of time holding a device at a closer than normal distance, the eyes have a rough time correcting for distance. Sooner or later, these challenges can lead to eyestrain and headaches.

But that's not all. Holding your smartphone too close can make you blink less, and this can dry your eyes and blurry vision.

In order to lessen these symptoms resulting from the use of our phones, we recommend keeping your phone at a safe distance from your eyes, and enlarge the text, so you can still read it. Also, try not to use your phone for too much time at once! If you've been on it a while, let your eyes have a little time away from the screen. So be smart about the way you use your smart phone and care for your eyes to ensure that your vision is protected.