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Found my New Home for my Eye Care Needs!

Today 5/6/16 was my first time at Village Eye Care and I have definitely found my new home for my eye care needs! ? Every person that I encountered there was genuinely nice and attentive. From the moment I walked into the door I was addressed with energy and professionalism.

The Doctor explained everything very well, answering all my questions and addressing all my comments. He really gave me the best service I have ever recieved in the world of optometry. Listening to me tell him about my previous experiences with different lenses and really caring about what I had to say and providing great feed back. His system of double checking the prescription and the fit of the contacts, all while explaining the purpose really  impressed me.

The two ladies at the front desk were awesome from the time I got there to the time I left. I wish I could remember their names (I'm terrible with names haha). My experience here today was a breath of fresh air because everyone still had energy at the end of the day and valued me choosing Vilage Eye Care. I had to give them this extensive review because it's definitely not everyday that you come across amazing service like I did at this place!

The price of the exam is a bit more than I used to pay at my previous optometrist's office but comparable to other offices I have called around to. It was 100% worth it! I am glad I chose this place! The doctor knows what he is doing and the people are friendly! I will go here every year from now on. It's that same feeling when you find the right hairstylist! I don't mind spending the extra money because they are worth it. Thank you Village Eye Care!


- Christina C. Fayetteville, NC